We envision a vibrant, inclusive, statewide community of people with lived experience!

We stand for


Here is what we share with each other online, in person, and by email…

  • Social Networking
  • Notification of Special Events
  • Education Opportunities
  • Support for Personal Issues
  • Resources
  • Advocacy Projects
  • Job Updates
  • Field Trips
  • Hope

Our Focus

We focus on rural communities because experience has shown that peers in rural areas are often the most isolated. In 2019, we took trainings about meaningfully participating in groups and leadership of groups to Spokane, Mount Vernon, and Bremerton.

We need your support to do our work — contact us to learn how you can volunteer or donate.

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United Peers of Washington
PO Box 13552
Burton, WA 98013
(253) 777-1032

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