• A Statewide Peer meeting was held. The idea of a statewide organization for peers was born.
  • The United Peers of Washington established an executive board.
  • We would like to thank all the people that laid the groundwork, creating UP of WA.


  • United Peers of Washington became a 501C3, not for profit organization.
  • UP of WA is awarded its first grant from the State of Washington.
  • Attendance of multiple peer conferences causes membership to grow.
  • Up of WA established a facebook page, which now has over 600 members and continues to grow.
  • Up of WA assists with the hospitality room at the Peer Pathways Conference.


  • UP of WA creates its logo and the first batch of T-shirts.


  • Board presence grows, encompassing members throughout the state.


  • Up of WA creates a website, expanding its online presence.
  • Up of WA hosts the first annual harvest event in Pierce County.